Trip to Ingweilerhof Germany - June 25, 2012.   The beginning of a saga which began in the Fatherland, continued in the Motherland and concluded in our Homeland.

Ingweilerhof Germany as viewed from Google Earth. (click here to download Google Earth)

Large complex on the right was manor home of Baron Hans Assmuss of Esebeck (at present, a Convalescent Home).  The fields to the left of the farm complex are currently planted in corn and wheat, with wheat being the principle planting.

The farm buildings to the left of the manor are the dwelling, barn and storage structures of the current residents.  It was on this parcel of land where the father of Maria Christina Stetzenbach (wife of Johann Jacob Foos) operated a water powered grist mill. In 1776, Johann, Maria and their children left Germany to create a new home in Russia.  Their journey took over a year and a half  to complete.  Both Johann and Christina (Stetzenbach) died en-route.  Their son Johannes - 18, his wife Apollona - 21, whom he married en route, and his siblings arrived in Dietel Russia on July 1, 1767.

Farm homestead with wing of Barn (on the right) in the  foreground. Court yard are of farm homestead with storage buildings and barn on the right. View of barn as seen from the highway looking south toward the village of Hefersweiler.

Videos of drive through Villages associated with the Johann Jacob Foos Family:

Drive north to Ingweilerhof from Hefersweiler

Drive to Reipoltskirchen from Ingweilerhof

Drive from Reipoltskirchen south to via Ingweilerhof to Hefersweiler

Drive to Roman Villa north of Ingweilerhof

Grist Mill Stream - Ingweilerhof  Video 1  Video 2

Panoramic view of Field of Ingweilerhof


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Southern corner of homestead with part of the manor of Baron Hans Assmuss of Esebeck's in the distance. Water spill way which handles drainage from road passing by Ingweilerhof. View of back side of Homestead from meadow where 'The Water Mill' once stood.

Elements currently under construction:

    Photo of Grist Mill and history of Ingweilerhof
    Reasons for leaving the Fatherland and for
        immigrating to Russia
    Journey to Dietel Russia
    Arrival in Dietel and the beginning of a new life
    Life on the Volga
    Reasons for leaving the Motherland
    Immigration to the United States
    Journey through America to Washington State
    Life in America.

Bridge crossing mill stream looking toward farmstead (west). Meadow area where 'the mill' once stood.  (Click hear for additional information and images - under construction).
Intrepid explorer (me) at the site of the water mill it would have been on my right. View of area where mill may have stood.  Note the rubble of rocks on the right hand corner of picture. View of stream which powered the mill which would have been on the bank behind the trees.
Mill Stream flowing north toward Reipoltskirchen.
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